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Sardinia Festivals & Events

Throughout the island and throughout the year there are numerous festivals which provide a good opportunity to see traditional costumes and local handicrafts, hear local music with singing and dancing, and taste local produce at typical Sardinian food stalls.

Sardinian festivals are usually religious in origin, but others celebrate annual events such as the harvest. There are also many gastronomic events as local products come into season, such as the artichoke festival in Uri in March and the Cherries festival in Nuoro in June. There are also many equestrian events such as Sa Sartiglia Carnival in Oristano in February and L’Ardia Horse Race in Sedilo in July.



1st January - 'Cap d'Any a l'Alguer' New Year’s Eve, Alghero
A variety of live music or performers, on stage, in most of the piazzas in the Old Town, culminating in a grand firework display over the harbour. It is a hectic night, with firecrackers in the streets, restaurants full to capacity and most bars remaining open until at least 6am the following morning!


Shrove Tuesday - ‘Carnival’, throughout Sardinia
A 3 day event ending on Shrove Tuesday with music, dancing and fancy dress and typical local food and sweets for the children.

Last Sunday before Lent and before Shrove Tuesday - ‘Sa Sartiglia’, Oristano
The most spectacular and choreographed Carnival in Sardinia. An equestrian game with ancient origins in which brave horsemen compete with one another in a tournament to select the figure of Su Componidori, the horseman that wearing a mask of a mysterious God will pierce the star.


March - 'Bogamarì’ Sea Urchin Festival, Alghero 
Every weekend on Lungomare Barcelona, one can savour sea urchins (already cut open for you), bread and a glass of local wine for a fixed price and some restaurants have special menus for the occasion.

Beginning of March - ‘The Artichoke Festival’, Uri
Just 20km from Alghero is the presentation and tasting of many artichoke-based recipes accompanied by cultural and sports events. The festival draws thousands of people, increasing every year.

March/April - ‘Pasqua’ Easter Passion and Holy Week, throughout Sardinia
A variety of celebrations throughout the week including: raising of the cross parades, traditional Catalan religious events, Holy Week ‘Riti della Settimana Santa’ in Alghero which is based on Spanish traditions dating back hundreds of years, the celebrations last the week with different processions and festivities on each day coming to a conclusion on the Saturday with fireworks.

Easter Monday - 'Nougat (Torrone) Festival’, Tonara
A festival celebrating local nougat and hazelnuts.

23rd April - ‘San Giorgio Festival’ St George's Day, Bonnanaro, Bitti and Onifai
Celebrated by horseback and religious processions and prayers in Sard.

28th April - ‘Sa Die de Sa Sardigna' (Sardinia Day), Cagliari and other towns
Festival of Sardinian people in commemoration of the “Sardinian Vespers”, the popular revolt of 1794.


1st May - ‘Sant’Efisio’, Cagliari
The effigy of the martyred Sant’Efisio is carried from Cagliari to Pula and is claimed to be the biggest, most colourful religious procession in the world. Some 5,000 people take part, all dressed in traditional costume.

Mid May - ‘San Simplicio’, Olbia
Fireworks, distribution of sweets and wine, games, water competitions.

Second to last Sunday in May - ’Cavalcata Sarda’, Sassari
The festival of beauty includes a procession of people in traditional dress, some on horseback.



First Sunday in June - ‘Horse Fair’, San Leonardo
Located near Santu Lussurgiu, this is the island's biggest and most important horse fair.

Second to last Sunday in June - ‘Cherries Festival’, Belvi’
Located in the province of Nuoro this festival promotes cherries from the Gennargentu area distributing cherries and caschetta sweets typical of this region made of transparent thin pastry filled with a fruity paste or honey and hazelnuts.

Late June - ‘San Giovanni Battista’ (St John the Baptist), throughout Sardinia
With processions, fireworks, horse races, songs and poetry competitions.

Late June - ‘Sagra della Pecora’ Sheep Festival, Bauladu
Feast of boiled mutton in the village square.



Early July - ‘S’Ardia Horse Race’, Sedilo
Located between Oristano and Nuoro this celebration is in honour of San Constantino, the exciting route around the sanctuary, accompanied by gun shots and the stirring up of great clouds of dust, attracts thousands of spectators.



Mid August - ‘Fireworks and Fried Fish’, Alghero
Fireworks display takes place in the port along the Busquet walkway. After the fireworks, fried fish for everyone.

15th August - ‘Ferragosto’, throughout Sardinia
Mid August bank holiday with fireworks all over Italy to celebrate the assumption. Processions throughout the island.

End of August - ‘Sagra del Redentore’ (Redeemer), Nuoro
Parade with the people making their way to the top of Monte Ortobene.



Last weekend of September - ‘Festa Sant Miquel’, Alghero
The patron saint of the city is celebrated with fireworks and parades.



Last Sunday in October - ‘Sagra della Castagne’ Chesnut Fair, Aritzo
Festival celebrating the chestnut.

Please note: event details can change.

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