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Central Sardinia 

Central Sardinia features rugged cliffs, tiny coves with clear blue sea and picturesque harbours on the eastern coast, and a mountainous interior with far reaching views in the Gennargentu Mountains.

There are lakes, waterfalls, gorges, fascinating geology and the native flora and fauna to discover. Barumini has the formidable Su Nuraxi complex and the Giara di Gesturi nearby has more Nuraghi to discover along with herds of semi-wild ponies. Some of Sardinia's wildest beaches can be found south of Oristano on the west coast.


Abbasanta is a village set in the ancient countryside of central Sardinia. The surrounding areas are full of wild olive, cork and oak trees and being totally unspoilt, ideal to explore the native flora, fauna and geology. There is fishing on Lake Omodeo, jeep safaris into the Barbagia Mountains, numerous archaeological sites and Nuraghi to discover the history of the island.


Arbatax is a scenic town and harbour, with far reaching views of the picturesque east coast of Sardinia from the lighthouse on the headland of Capo Bellavista. Originally a fishing village, the towns name is derived from the Arabic word meaning 14th tower that stands on the seafront. The dramatic scenery that surrounds the town ranges from the world famous ‘Rocce Rosso’ (red rocks) of Cala Moresca to the sheer cliffs of Capo Montesanto, making a brilliant contrast with the vivid emerald sea.

Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone is strategically positioned between the mountains and the rocky coastline with electric blue sea on the dramatic east coast of the island. It is a growing holiday resort offering boat trips to the coves, grottos and rock pools along the picturesque coastline with secluded beaches only accessible by boat. The town is also an ideal base for exploring the natural beauty of the inland mountains, lakes and waterfalls as well as the traditional villages known for cheeses, wines and handicrafts.
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Oliena is a little town found inland from Cala Gonone and Dorgali just south of Nuoro. Behind it rises the magnificent spectacle of Monte Corrasi. From Oliena there are treks into the Sopramonte mountains, Tiscali nuraghic village and the Gola Su Gorroppu canyon. Oliena is also the centre of the much esteemed Cannonau wine region and is home to some of the island’s finest craftsmen.

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The region has a varied tradition of fine foods and wines grown in the rich fertile pastures resulting in strong and unmistakable flavours. Due to its geographical position close to River Tirso, the sea and various marshes, Oristano’s cuisine is mainly fish based with many local and regional specialities.

The town of Oristano has been described as one of Sardinia’s most colourful towns with an interesting history reflected by its architecture and gothic cathedral. The coast boasts stretches of fine sandy beaches and many ‘Torre’, old lookout watch towers from the 15th century and the old Roman town of Tharros. Oristano is also flanked by a series of lagoons populated by a wealth of wildlife, birds and thousands of pink flamingos in the autumn.

The wonders of the Oristano region include the dramatic coastline, the natural countryside, the rugged mountains and Tirso and Temo rivers, the only navigable rivers in Sardinia. The weather, typically Mediterranean, assures a mild temperature all year long and allows olive trees, citrus fruits and vineyards to flourish.

There is a local airport with internal flights from mainland Italy. For a modest sized territory, it offers a great variety of landscapes, from sandy beaches to basalt high plains and the steep precipices of Montiferru. Geologically the territory is the result of considerable historic volcanic activity and erosion but Oristano and its province also contains remarkable centres of historical interest.

Sports lovers can choose from a great variety of activities, also favoured by the climate, including:

Watersports found on the beautiful beaches such as Is Arutas, Putzu Idu, Mari Ermi and Sa Rocca.

Diving and snorkelling around the protected marine area and Mal di Ventre Island.

Fishing in the lake of Omodeo, in the rivers and in the sea.

Horse riding Oristano is called ‘the land of the horse’, with riding schools and horse events taking place throughout the province including the famous Sa Sartiglia Carnival in Oristano.

Bird watching in this area of Sardinia has a haven of interest including the wild kingdom of the griffon vulture just north of Bosa and the lagoons around Oristano are a natural oasis for flocks of pink flamingos.

Hiking and biking are also popular pursuits to tour the local area, with guides available.


The character town of Tresnuraghes stands on the hillside overlooking the sea, the bay of Bosa and the hills of Montiferru. It is near many picturesque villages, the beautiful beach of Alabe, 9km from the charming resort town of Bosa and approximately 50km from both Oristano to the south and the historic town of Alghero to the north. 

San Vero Milis

San Vero Milis, just 15km north of Oristano, is located in the Sinis countryside, a natural oasis with vast lagoons with flocks of pink flamingos, imposing and mysterious traces of the past inhabitants, magnificent medieval buildings and ancient Romanesque churches. This remarkably unexplored corner of Sardinia offers a rich landscape of cultivated fields and beautiful beaches such as Is Arutas, Putzu Idu, Mari Ermi and Sa Rocca. The Protected Marine Area and Mal di Ventre Island make this area a paradise for diving, bird watching and hiking, biking and canoeing. For golf lovers, the Is Arenas Golf Club is just 2km from San Vero Milis designed by the famous American golf course architects Von Hagge, Smelek and Baril who sculpted the 18 hole course within the natural sand dunes, creating one of the most stunning courses in Europe. Also nearby is the Vernaccia wine producing region and Milis where some of the best oranges are grown in Sardinia.
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Orosei is situated in the Cedrino River's flatland, it is surrounded by vineyards and citrus groves and the town has an interesting old quarter, Spanish palazzi and piazza with medieval buildings. There is a selection of shops, cafés and restaurants. However, Orosei is really known for its beautiful coastline, Marina di Orosei stretching northwards to Berchida beach and featuring the natural beauty spots of Cala Liberotto, Cala Ginepro and Bidderosa. 

Santa Maria Naverrese

The small coastal town of Santa Maria Navarrese is situated on the dramatic east coast of Sardinia approximately 145km from both Cagliari in the south and Olbia in the north east. The town has a lovely bay with town beach and marina, and a selection of shops, café bars, restaurants and pizzerias. There are daily boat trips to the renowned beautiful beaches along the east coast including Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna and the Sopramonte Mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to the town. The larger town of Tortoli is about 8km away and the scenic 'Il Trenino Verde' (Little Green narrow-gauge train) can be accessed from Arbatax which is a similar distance.
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